Roof collapses

Roof collapses – Four members of a family died


As we all know that rainy season is at its peak. Where some of us enjoyed the rain there is also a number of people who suffered due to heavy rain or constant rain. We must not forget the poor ones as they suffered greatly due to rain. A similar case was being registered about the death of four members of a family near Budhla Road Multan. The reason behind the deaths was the fall of the roof as it gets softer due to day-long rain.

It proved to be a terrible night for the family.

The rescue service reported that the dead bodied were being identified as Shazia Bibi who was 35 years old along with Ali Shan (12), Bakhtawar(7) and Arooj Fatima(4). While there were two of them who got injured. They were Sumaran and Sughran Bibi the wife of Khadim Hussain. They were being taken to the Nishtar Hospital for recovery.

The melancholy prevails over the family. Our prayers are with the deceased.

The incident took place near Bheni School, Budhla road Multan.

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