Roti - A Desi Fast Food Junction

Roti – A Desi Fast Food Junction


“Roti The Restaurant” has opened its doors of delicious desi fast food to the public.
Roti is very important to live for, especially Lahories are always concerned about their roti, invariably worrying about it like ‘Roti kab bany g’, ‘Roti kab khuly g’ and ‘khany me kya hy’ etc. etc.

Lahories are always in a hurry, it sounds difficult for someone to wait for 25-30 minutes for having your meal. You will end up having either wasting your time or getting late from your break period.

“Roti The Restaurant” is basically framed to meet your timing needs. It won’t take your 20-30 minutes to fill your appetite. Set modernly to meet your decent interior demands, Roti will offer you the best quality of food that you can enjoy in a few minutes without having the fear of getting late. Best quality food at a reasonable price, yummy!

Roti is being established for a quick solution solving the problems of time for a busy individual. It offers an express meal for all the busy men and women and men working in Gulberg and nearby vicinity.

Their menu carries the diversity of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Sabzi, as well as chicken, will be provided as per your requirements even at the spur of the moment. But Picture abhi baqi hy mery dost. The Roti will also be served with chatkharydar ‘Chatnies’ that will increase your bhook and you will crave for it time and again. Those who love Biryani, it’s an alarm for you guys to pack your bag for a hearty meal.

The beverage portion is also available which aims at offering you the two of our favorite Pakistani drinks: Shezan Mango and Pakola!

Their Sunday brunch is also something to crave for. Variety of nashtas on your table. And you have to pick according to your taste whether you want to enjoy the taste of omelet pratha, or halwa puri or qeema roti with lassi or chai. Anything you want will be served affectionately on your table.

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