President Vladimir Putin wants good ties with Pakistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants good ties with Pakistan


Islamabad: Sources revealed that the Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to develop good relations with Pakistan.

During a dinner reception which was arranged in the honor of all world’s leader for SCO summit in Bishkek, Putin has expressed his desire to have good relations with Pakistan.

He was spotted having a good conversation with PM Imran Khan. They seated together and discussed issues. He also informed Imran Khan that previous governments have not taken any serious step to establish good relations with Russia. Now he is looking forward to a positive response from Pakistan.

He also told Imran Khan that last time he has met with the former Pakistani President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf.

Giving a positive sign of bilateral ties, PM Imran Khan also expressed his desire to promote ties with Russia.

Other matters relating to the governmental sides were also discussed by the leaders. Both are looking forward to an established relation.

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