Ruswai has some dark aspects to reveal


ARY Digitals’ another blockbuster drama serial “Ruswai” has some dark aspects to reveal in the last week’s episode.

Sana Javed’s startling performance in the recent episode of “Ruswai” left everybody shocked as she revealed about her rape.

“Ruswai” revolves around the life of a girl named Sameera (Sana) who is a victim of gang rape. She is deeply in love with Salman the role played by Mikaal Zulfiqar. In the recent episode, she was kidnapped by street boys who later on raped her and left her all alone at a street, thinking her dead.

However, life has some other plans for her. She is alive and is protected by a female sweeper who let her to her house. The moment she arrived at her house left everybody shocked and broken. Her family particularly her mother and sister are getting her condition to their hearts.

Projecting a ray of emotions and heartfelt incidents, the recent episode marks how the life of a girl is completely changing after such incidents. Her love interest and husband Salman is not ready to face her as it has been revealed that she is raped.

In the later part of the show, Sameera revealed about the actual happenings on the night she was kidnapped. She blamed her father for not holding her hand and not protecting her from those beasts. She blamed him for saving the life of his friend’s daughter and his daughter-in-law Warda instead of saving her life.

“Me Allah ko kya mu dikhata”

The sudden revelation has certainly given us goosebumps. The audience of the show as well as the family is all shocked to hear this. Hamza, her brother, asked his father whether she is right or not and the poor father has nothing to say except these lines, “me Allah ko kya mu dikhata”. At that moment her mother came in her support yelling at her husband saying “hamari beti muft ki nahi I hui thi”.

The entire scene was full of emotions and we as the audience were feeling the pain that Sameera was going through. This week’s episode was surely one of the most heart-wrenching episodes delivered by the team so far.

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Ruswai has some dark aspects to reveal
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