Saboor Aly Saheefa Jabbar apology

Saboor Aly Saheefa Jabbar rendered public apology after mocking the ‘Window Cleaner’


Saboor Aly Saheefa Jabbar was in the headlines for the past few days. After passing some belittling remarks about the window cleaner, she has become the talk of the town for criticism.

The window cleaner whom she has mocked was not actually the window cleaner by profession instead he was the Assistant Director on their set. People from all over the country started urging her to make an apology to the window cleaner.

However, the actress took to her Instagram handle and expressed her views regarding the matter. She has passed her defense statements but these were not enough to satisfy her fans.


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Addressing the said issue once again, the actress has actually made a video clip in which the window cleaner has been shown taking her side stating that they are good friends and it’s common in the entertainment industry. We criticize each other, we mock each other, and we love each other, that’s the way entertainment industries are supposed to be. This is the nature of our bond. We are together and will always remain together.

She captioned the video with a detailed note rendering a public apology. She also expressed concerns over her reaction.

She also apologized to her fans whom she has hurt her. She stated that life is the name of learning and I am actually learning from my mistakes. She is hopeful that such mistakes would never happen again. Here is here an entire apology,

“No one has ever become smaller by rendering an apology – I had to bring Ehsaan Bhai on the screen to share our story so we did. If there was anyone who could have felt bad after the whole fiasco, it would have been Ehsaan Bhai and therefore I had to start by being sorry to him. Secondly, all the people who felt hurt, upset or angry were rightful & I wanted to apologize to them for a joke I shouldn’t have cracked under any circumstance. Life is a learning curve and I learned through my own experience.”

Well, we must appreciate her courage to admit her mistake and rude behavior. After making a public apology she has once again won the hearts of her fans.

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