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We provide the best sad friendship quotes that you can save in your mobile or laptop or even in your heart. Friendship is really expensive asset rather we will say it’s a life time asset. We should give it value. Friendship is pleasant or dry it indeed carries weight. What is the best thing in friendship? Well, this is very interesting question and I would like to state, your bestie or best friend must be with you to share your joys and sad moments.

If you lose a best friend then it means you have lost all and you have lost the blessings of life. A true loyal friend cannot be replaced with the wealth or money only. We need someone to guide us in the times when we feel unable or not comfortable in taking the decisions.

Best friend quotes:

Sometimes, we become very selfish when we don’t care about our dear ones. It is something really disturbing. We need to figure out who is our dear one and who is our well-wisher? Who wants to give us comfort when we are sad? Who is the person sitting next to us when there are clouds of griefs? Who is a person sitting next to us when we feel alone? We need to get the answers of all these questions and such person is often called a best friend or class mate or your work mate.

We often lose the true loyal persons due to our mistakes. We don’t know how to treat the strangers and how to treat the person with whom we spend a lot of time. Ignorance is something else. But when we deliberately hurt our friends then it cannot be tolerated. After losing the friends we try to find sad friendship quotes.

Sad friendship images:

In this article you will also see sad friendship images. Every sad friendship picture or quotation can be shared at your facebook or Instagram profile. Post on your wall and try to express your feelings with your dear ones or loved ones. No need to use your own words because when we are occupied by some special feelings then normally we don’t know what should we post or say something to a specific person whom we hurt. So, check these sad quotes for friends and let them know how truly you are missing them.

So, don’t miss these sad friendship lines from our site and see how beautifully you can express your sad mood. May be your crush or best friend return back to you after reading what you are posting.

20+ sad friendship quotes:

Let us check some viral quotes if you are feeling sad or your mood is dry.

  1. “Friendship is meant understanding, not agreement or arguement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if your contact is lost.”
  2. I guess what they call is really true/Friends may come and leave /But I never thought that would be applicable for you.
  3. “Some persons aren’t loyal for you. They are loyal or sincere to their actual needs of you. Once their needs get changed, so often does their loyalty get changed.”
  4. “No one in this world is actually busy. It all will depend on what number you are on their special priority list.”
  5. Words of enemies: “In the end of everything, we will just remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our buddies.”
  6. “Someone asked me last day if I knew you in real. A million memories flash through my silly mind, but I just smiled a bit and said yeah I used to.”
  7. “often you have to give up on the individuals. Not because of this reason that you don’t care, but because they don’t.”
  8. “When you are in happy mood, you can enjoy a bit music. But, whenever you are really sad you understand the lyrics.”
  9. “don’t try to say that we were real friends, don’t ever believe that you are in a position to make amends. People like you always give friendship a bad name literally, I hope you will suffer in guilt and shame ultimately. I hate you althought I did not want to.”
  10. “Don’t try to trust too much, don’t try to lovetoo much dear, don’t try to care too much in this world because that ‘too much’ will hurt you one day so much!”
  11. “can I ask? Why did you bother last day smiling in front of me when you were doing gossiping intentionally behind my back? I hate you and I don’t love you. You are trying to make my time sad every moment literally”
  12. “Anyone can try to make you smile or cry in different times, but it takes someone really special to make you smile at the moment when you already have tears in your cute eyes. “
  13. Friendship which is based solely upon the gratitude is like a cute photograph; with time it may fades but our friendship will not end on sad moments.”
  14. “I could have many ‘best friends’ over the years if you think. Do you know The one problem with these friendships? They didn’t last for many months.”
  15. ‘Can you Promise me, you won’t forget our silly laughs, our jokes, our lovely smiles, our memories, our friendship, these cannot give us sad friendship feelings.”
  16. “Nobody in this world likes being alone that much. I really don’t go out of my limits to make new friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment and sad endings. “
  17. “There could be as many nights as days, and the one which we are discussing is just as long as the other in the year’s course.”
  18. “The saddest and discouraging summary of a life may have three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see my anymore”
  19. Sad friendship means my mood is sad, not because of you rather than the distance which you left in my luck.
  20. Sad friendship quote is not words expression only but it is coming out of my heart.

So, these sad friendship quotes express the feelings when there is no person who can accept the blames. It is not a pleasant thing to make new friends in each month the bottom line is stay connected with ones who are in your life.

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