Sadiqabad Blast

Sadiqabad Blast—20 people severely wounded


Sadiqabad: After Data Darbar and Quetta blasts, sources revealed another blast near Sadiqabad, the district of Punjab.

On Thursday, a blast took place near a private bank in Sadiqabad. At least 20 people have been reported to be injured.

The injured ones have been rushed to nearby hospitals were an emergency has been called upon.

The first investigation report revealed the number of injured ones to be 8. However, after further investigations, the number of the wounded ones have been rising up to 20.

Police and security forces immediately took steps to overcome the situation. The building is reported to be completely destroyed.

The police officials are investigating the scene. However, the nature of the blast is yet to be determined, reported District Police Officer (DPO). today Sadiqabad Blast

According to the initial reports, it was a cylinder blast.

The blast also resulted in the destructions of some nearby buildings as well.

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