Safe Food Handling Practices during Quarantine

Safe Food Handling Practices during Quarantine


Safe Food Handling Practices during Quarantine

Amid coronavirus outbreak, when the entire world is trying to save itself from it, don’t forget to make sure that you are following all the safe food handling practices.

As we all know that the major sections of the world are under the spell of coronavirus and an emergency is being implemented in these sections by their respective higher authorities.

Along with these authorities, we as an individual should not forget our contribution in the pandemic. Now the question rises that how can we contribute to their efforts. The answer is very simple.

We only need to make sure that we are feeding on a healthy. Particularly women who are housewives should make sure that they are preparing a fresh and hygienic meal for their loved ones.

You only need to follow some very easy and simple steps to cook a healthy food.

  • Keep your kitchen and other utensils very neat and clean.
  • Make sure that your hands are properly washed while you are going to prepare food.
  • All raw and cooked food should be placed separately, especially things having meat in them.
  • The material you are using in your food should be of good quality.
  • Do not prepare food in haste, cook it thoroughly.
  • Fresh water should be used while cooking food.
  • Cover your mouth with a mask.
  • Wash vegetables properly.

By following these easy ways, you can make sure the safety of your loved ones.

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