Salahuddin’s dead body: Was it really a Cardiac Arrest?


Now a days, social media is filled up with posts questioning the death of an ATM thief Salahuddin. Earlier, the video of him, standing before an ATM machine and performing a suspicious action has made rounds on the internet.

The first thought, which arises in one’s mind is what he was actually doing? Some have mentioned that he was stealing money from the ATM Machine, therefore, he is still named as the ATM thief. While some have contradictory remarks about it. They thought that he was only trying to get his ATM card from the machine. However, he was soon arrested by the Punjab Police from Rahim Yar Khan. The police officials have immediately started their interrogation.

However, the Punjab Police have confirmed that he was indulged in the robbery cases from past few months and he was filmed confessing his guilt.

Unfortunately, Salahuddin has died in the police custody and random people on social media are raining their voices to have justice for Salahuddin who has been the victim of police officials’ physical torture.

The Punjab Police is making all the efforts to shut down the case and shun the mouths of his family. But the power of social media is really strong. They have to answer all the public questions.

The District Police Officer has immediately asked a detailed inquiry into this case. He was presented before the public as suffering from some health issues and he actually dies of a cardiac arrest.

They never knew that the family of Salahuddin would protest against it. They pictures of Salahuddin’s dead body has been shared on the social media by his family members questioning whether it was really a cardiac arrest?

They have exposed the ugly face of Punjab police before the public mentioning that he dies owing to sever beating and physical torture.

His pictures are raising questions in the minds of the public. The Human rights activist Jibran Nasir has stated that,

“While Police claims #Salahuddin died due to cardiac arrest and is quoting a senior doctor as saying there were no torture marks without sharing the actual report the pictures taken by Salahuddin’s family of his body before burial are harrowing.”

Moreover, advocate Hassan Niazi stated: “Literally every part of the body has been tortured. How can IO AND SHO not be arrested. The case should be sent to model courts for trial.”

On the other hand, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, who is the spokesperson of Chief Minister Punjab, has tweeted that the concerned DSP has been suspended.

The video of Salahuddin’s father receiving the dead body of his son is making rounds on the internet.

Abdul Sattar, a famed columnist and journalist, asserted that,
“Let us begin with the independence of the police department and the current ruling elite’s claim to put an end to political influence.

Soon after the government came into power, the DPO of Pakpattan was transferred – some say for merely doing his duty – something that shocked many admirers of Khan. The ex-IG of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Nasir Durrani, who was tasked to carry out reforms in the Punjab police, resigned after what critics said was interference by politicians. This further fuelled suspicions about the claims made by the new government, and later developments seemed to have vindicated them”.

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