Salman Butt criticizes Sethi for calling Babar “status quo”.

Salman Butt, the ex-Pakistan cricketer, has criticized Najam Sethi, the Chairman of the PCB Management Committee, for calling Babar Azam ‘status quo’. Butt expressed his displeasure with Sethi’s comment.

Salman Butt’s comments about Najam Sethi’s statement referring to Babar Azam as ‘status quo’ were made in the context of discussions about Azam’s future as captain of the Pakistani cricket team.
In a recent interview, Salman Butt emphasized the importance of supporting Babar Azam, citing his significant contributions to the Pakistani cricket team even during periods when he may not have been performing at his best.

Salman Butt expressed his admiration for Najam Sethi’s stance on non-interference in cricket matters. He stated that it was crucial for Sethi to maintain this principle, particularly given that he is using political language.

Salman Butt emphasized that Babar Azam is a vital player for the Pakistani cricket team, being their current number one batsman and a significant contributor to their past victories. He added that rather than drawing a line around him, they should support and encourage him even during difficult times.

The cricket fans, particularly Babar Azam’s supporters, were displeased with the controversial statements, cover-ups, and blame games surrounding his captaincy. They quickly took to Twitter, starting hashtags such as #StayInYourLimitsNajamSethi and #BabarAzamIsOurRedLine to express their disapproval.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 17 April, 2023.

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