Salman Butt questions Ramiz Raja’s cricketing IQ

The uncertainty continues over the final venue for this year’s Asia Cup, with the fiasco expected to persist for several days. Najam Sethi, in an interview with an Indian media outlet, proposed England as a potential neutral ground for the tournament.
Ramiz Raja, the former chairman of PCB, questioned the mental capacity of the current PCB chief in response to his statement. According to Raja, the primary purpose of the Asia Cup, particularly when held before the World Cup, is to provide teams with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Asian conditions.

Former cricketer Salman Butt criticized Ramiz Raja for his statement, expressing surprise that the former PCB chairman suggested that even Asian teams needed to acclimatize to Asian conditions.

Salman Butt expressed his surprise and disbelief at the former PCB chairman’s statement suggesting that even Asian players, who have played their entire lives in Asia, need to acclimate themselves to the Asian conditions.

Salman Butt took a dig at the former PCB chairman for his unsupported statement, expressing astonishment and frustration. He emphasized his disappointment with the fact that individuals can make such poor statements and escape accountability, despite having played a significant amount of cricket and holding positions within the board.

During an interview with Cricket Pakistan in 2021, Mohammad Hafeez expressed his respect for Ramiz as a former player but revealed his reservations about Ramiz’s ‘cricket sense’ and ‘game awareness.’

Hafeez had remarked, “Even my 12-year-old son has better game awareness than Ramiz bhai,” highlighting his dissatisfaction with Ramiz’s cricketing acumen.

This is published in logicalbaat, on 18 May, 2023.

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