Salman Khan Tere Naam return

Salman Khan’s ‘Tere Naam’ likely to return with a sequel


tere naam movie

Salman Khan, the most iconic personality of the Bollywood industry has put the audience into a frenzy with his Radhe Mohan Character in ‘Tere Naam’ 16 years ago.

Tere Naam was directed by Satish Kaushik. The film was a big hit of its time. It brought about Salman Khan in quite a different style, shedding light at an actor who can do the best of the intense characters.

salman khan in tere naam

The news of ‘Tere Naam’ getting a sequel is making rounds on social media. And if it is to be believed, we will soon witness another Radhe Mohan. It is being reported that the director of the film has just completed the script for the sequel.

As per reports, the story of the sequel is based on the love story of a gangster inn North India. However, we are not being confirmed about whether Salman Khan will be starring in the sequel or there will be another superstar.

For now, ‘Tere Naam 2’ is definitely working and it will giggle the screens by the end of this year.



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