“Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Introduces Cutting-Edge AI Capabilities Alongside High-Quality Hardware”

Samsung’s eagerly awaited Galaxy S24 series, celebrated as the “smartest AI phones ever,” extends its AI excellence to the Galaxy Book 4 series laptops, promising exceptional displays, rapid charging, and formidable processing capabilities.


  • Galaxy Book 4 series featuring Intel Core Ultra 9 and Nvidia RTX 4070 (8 GB).
  • Improved cooling mechanism, RAM options ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB, and storage selections of 512 GB, 1 TB, or 2 TB SSDs with an expandable slot.
  • Unified touchscreen displays utilizing Dynamic AMOLED and Vision Booster technology.

Galaxy Book 4 Ultra:

  • Flagship 16-inch model showcasing a dazzling 2,880 x 1,800px display.
  • Unparalleled rapid charging facilitated by a 140W adapter and AI-driven noise cancellation.

Galaxy Book 4 Pro:

  • Available in 14” and 16” variants, equipped with Intel Core Ultra 7 or Ultra 5 CPUs.
  • AI-optimized applications such as Samsung Gallery and Studio for swift edits and seamless project synchronization.

Galaxy Book 4 Pro 360:

  • Exclusive 16” model featuring versatile 360° hinges, transforming into a tablet.
  • A commitment to eco-friendliness through the incorporation of recycled materials.

The Galaxy Book 4 series is scheduled for a January 2024 launch in South Korea, followed by a global rollout. Stay tuned for further details on pricing and the series’ eco-conscious initiatives

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