Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Launching on August 7


A few weeks back we reported that Samsung is planning to launch Galaxy Note 10 soon and now they have issued the date of launching which is August 7. Samsung fans are expecting a lot as recent issues with Galaxy Fold was a major disappointment for them. There is a big number of consumers who always seem excited about Galaxy Note models. Galaxy Note was always popular because of its big screen and stylus which is significantly unique as compared to any other smartphones in the market.

Specifications are not announced yet but many rumors are rotating around in the market. In case of specifications, it is rumored that Galaxy note is coming with a new stylus named as S Pen which will be more efficient than the previous stylus. It is also rumored that Samsung will also launch Note 10+ other than the regular model and its screen size is expected to be 6.6 inch which is bigger than the regular model. Some are saying that Galaxy Note 10 will support 5G.

There are rumors about many other specifications but nothing official yet and we will have to wait until the official launch event. The current smart Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phone market is highly competitive and many big names came forward in the last few years and penetrated the market by offering amazing features at low prices. Keeping in view the recent Galaxy Fold issues, we expect that Samsung will come up with new cool features as they always do the traditional way.

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