Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Rumored to be Announced Soon


Samsung is one of the market leaders in the global smartphone industry. Many tech giants try to attract more loyal customers by introducing multiple models and variants but Samsung is known for doing the same by releasing only a few no of models. Two prominent names are Galaxy S and Galaxy Note, through which Samsung earned a lot within less than a decade.

Note launched in 2011 with some added features like bigger screen and stylus, unlike any other traditional smartphone. At that time the use of the stylus to draw anything on the screen was a big thing for smartphone consumers so the idea worked perfectly for Samsung. But Note also faced a major problem when they launched Note 7 as devices started to explode and all the phones were called off by Samsung. This was a big setback for the company.

When Samsung launched Note 8, they were very precautious and amazingly they came back even stronger than ever before and Note 8 was a big hit as a high tier smartphone. Samsung’s last phone was Note 9 and it is rumored that they are going to announce Note 10 soon. The history of Note launch with reference to the time of the year is not specific as every time they announce Note in different time of the year as compared to the previous one and this time again we can expect the same.

According to rumors it could be launched in August. There are some more rumors that the next Note will support 5G, which is a big thing for Samsung. The size of the screen is rumored to be 6.66 inches. It has also been reported which is not official that the size could be same as of Note 9 which was 6.4 inches but the screen will be bezel-free with the larger display.

For Samsung, the need for the launch of Galaxy Note has increased due to the issue related to broken screens of their recently announced Galaxy Fold. We can say that Galaxy Note will definitely come to the rescue as a key role player for Samsung in preventing the setback because of Galaxy Fold. All the reports are rumored but we still hope that Samsung will come forward with some great advancements this time.

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