“Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Z Flip 6 Set for Battery Upgrade”

Users of Samsung’s Flip series have long been concerned about battery life, mainly due to the compact battery cells in these devices. For example, last summer’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 came with a modest 3,700 mAh battery.

Samsung seems to have taken these concerns into account. The upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 6, expected to be unveiled in the middle of the year, will have a larger battery. Recent reports indicate that it will feature a 4,000 mAh unit.

While the 4,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is still slightly smaller than the 4,300 mAh battery in Oppo’s Find N3 Flip, it represents a significant improvement. Although the numerical increase from the Flip 5 to the Flip 6 may seem small at 8%, any extension of battery life is highly valued by Flip users.

Like all foldable devices, the Flip 6 divides its total battery capacity across two cells, one on each side. These cells are rated at 1,097 mAh and 2,790 mAh, respectively, resulting in a combined rated capacity of 3,887 mAh. This is expected to translate into a typical capacity of 4,000 mAh, especially considering that the standard S24 has a rated capacity of 3,880 mAh, which is marketed as a typical capacity of 4,000 mAh.

In comparison, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has one cell rated at 971 mAh and another at 2,620 mAh, giving it a rated capacity of 3,591 mAh and a typical capacity of 3,700 mAh.

Speculations suggest that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will feature a 3.9″ cover display, an upgrade from the 3.4″ panel on its predecessor, and a 50MP primary camera, a significant improvement from the 12MP camera on the Flip 5.

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