Sanam Saeed support Asma Aziz

Sanam Saeed came out in support of Asma Aziz’s Domestic Violence case


Pakistan’s acclaimed and gorgeous actor cum model Sanam Saeed has come out in support of the domestic abuse victim Asma Aziz on Tuesday. She stated that an old dance video of Asma does not justify the torture inflicted upon her in the present.

On her Twitter account, Sanam came out defending the victim of abusive behavior of her husband from Lahore while also questioning when people will really grow up to understand the meaning of consent.

“It’s like saying if a prostitute was raped it’s her fault anyway. When will some of you really understand the meaning of #consent?” she tweeted.

She continued, “An old leaked video of #asmaaziz dancing, does not justify her being tortured for refusing to dance when she doesn’t feel like. Have mercy!”


Other famous celebrities and renowned politicians have also highlighted the Asma Aziz case on their social platforms with some people resorting to ‘victim blaming’. However, we have also a handful of people who have come up with an old leaked video of her dancing. According to them an old leaked video of her dancing did not vindicate the violence she was subjected to.

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