Sanam Saeed Questions Durj Ban


Durj is a Pakistan-made film by Shamoon Abbasi which was destined to release in Pakistan. However, recently, the director announced the new of its ban in Pakistan by the censor board. He explained the reasons why it was banned. According to him, these reasons do not justify the ban on the film.

This news created havoc on the internet as well. A lot of people raised voice against its ban in Pakistan including our stunning model cum actor Sanam Saeed.

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Durj banned

She took to her Twitter handle and shared her thoughts regarding the matter. She wrote,

“Why are films like Durj banned? If Hollywood films will all their sexual innuendos and violence and dark topics can play in our cinemas then why can’t our independent out-of-the-box films like Durj be played?”

Durj is dealing with the theme of cannibalism. It deals with all the events that took place in Pakistan regarding cannibalism.

The director and writer of the film, Shamoon Abbasi, has made it clear that there are no pictures or videos screening bloodshed or gore. In his words, Durj is completely an art film.

Isn’t it disturbing to see how our films which are pure art based without any violence or sexual scenes are banned while Hollywood movies contain all this stuff are being played in our cinemas? This is the irony which we all have to accept and should try to change the system.

Just like Sanam Saeed, I am also stuck at this point.

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