Saraab Episode 01 Review

Saraab Episode 01 Review—What a promising and intense start of a play


Saraab is HUM TV’s newly begin drama serial that revolves around a girl who is a Schizophrenia patient. She keeps herself indulge in her imaginative world that has nothing to do with reality.Details of Saraab Episode 01 Review here

Saraab Episode 01 Review

After the success of two hit drama serials Pyar Ke Sadqay and Ishq Zahe Naseeb, the production is very keen to draw the attention of its audience towards another mental disorder that is explained in this play. We have often seen Sonya Hussain donning promising characters and plays, however, this time, the gorgeous starlet is giving an exceptional performance being a Schizophrenia patient in this play.

Sonya Hussain is essaying the character of Hooriya

Sonya Hussain is essaying the character of Hooriya who is suffering from a severe mental illness. She imagines things that are beyond the real world. The role of her love interest is performed by the talented actor Sami Khan who also worked with her two blockbuster drama serials Aisi Hy Tanhai and Ishq Zahe Naseeb. The newly begin drama serial is jotted down by the very versatile writer Edison Idrees Masih while it is directed by Mohsin Talat.

Serial begins with Hooriya

So, let’s discuss the beautiful yet surreal beginning of a promising play! The serial begins with Hooriya standing near a waterfall. The enchanting scenery of Pakistan’s hilly area is very beautifully captured by the makers. For a moment, one wishes to be there. Well, that beautiful imaginative world vanishes as Hooriya opens her eyes. She, later on, sees a beautiful red rose that was placed beside her side. She started playing with it and later keep in in her book. And as she opens the book to see that rose, there were no signs of any rose there. This was again her imagination.

Her cousin Sami Khan aka Aswand

On the other hand, her cousin Sami Khan aka Aswand is interested in her. While Hooriya’s sister Namal is interested in Aswand. Hooriya too loves Aswand and she has developed a very strong bond with him in her imagination. The most part of her imagination revolves around her dreaming of her cousin Aswand. However, Aswand is very well aware of Hooriya’s mental conditions. He sometimes wonders that she said things with so confidence though there happened nothing like that in reality.

The portrayal of Hooriya’s mother is that of a typical woman who keeps in taunting her sister in law and accuses her of practicing the art of black magic on her family members. That one having goosebumps scene was where Hooriya was seen having a romantic conversation with her cousin on the telephone and her father arrives. She immediately shuts down the phone and told her father that she was talking to her friend. Her father gets worried about her as he knows that their telephone is out of order for many days. Then how she makes it possible to talk to her friend? So, it was all hallucination; Hooriya’s illusion.

Hooriya’s elder sister’s in-laws

There is another family that is of Hooriya’s elder sister’s in-laws. Her mother in law always taunts her for not giving her grandchildren. She considers her infertile. She asked her that she is planning of marrying her second son so that she may see the face of her grandchild before dying. Warda is very worried and discussed this with her brother in law. He then revealed to her that he is interested in marrying Hooriya.

Warda shares this with her mother

Warda shares this with her mother who considers it a good opportunity as she is aware of her daughter’s mental illness. She thinks that her elder sister Wards will take care of her. Hooriya overhears their conversation and immediately falls into another hallucination where she saw her cousin who asked her to come to the rooftop. He assured her that he loves her and would marry her. This is again her imagination and she was seen smiling all alone.

Well, the makers of this drama serials truly know how to engage their audience in such an intense drama serial. With such an excellent start, the audience of the show is very keen for the next events to get unfold. Stay tuned with us to get the latest updates from drama serial Saraab.

Saraab Episode 01 Review
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Saraab Episode 01 Review
Saraab is HUM TV’s newly begin drama serial that revolves around a girl who is a Schizophrenia patient. Details of Saraab Episode 01 Review in site
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