Sarmad Khoosat discusses his upcoming project “Kamli”


Sarmad Khoosat who is one of the very versatile directors of our industry has earned a great name after his projects ‘Jhaanjar Di Paanwaan Chhankaar’ and ‘No Time to Sleep’ went successful.

Sarmad Khoosat has recently introduced his another project which seems to be the other hit of the era. The project is destined to hit screens in 2020.

Sarmad Khoosat discusses his upcoming project “Kamli”

According to the sources, it has been revealed that this latest project is entirely a female-led project which is titled ‘Kamli’. The film is featuring Saba Qamar in the lead role. The first look of the film revealed much about the theme and its concept.

We can see Saba Qamar and Sania Saeed standing before each other in a rough wintry night. The cinematography of the scene reflects the directorial skills of the brilliant director Sarmad Khoosat.

Sarmad Khoosat discusses his upcoming project “Kamli”

During an interview, Sarmad was being asked about his upcoming project ‘Kamli’. With regards to this project, he stated that,

Kamli has a strong theme

“Kamli has a strong theme and I don’t think mainstream should deplete a film of strong content – something to say. If you have nothing to say, why would you tell a story? So, Kamli is absolutely female centric. It is about three very strong female characters. This is me inching towards the mainstream, as they call it. It’s heavy on music; it’s shot outdoors so it’s a very different film. What I can say is that they are extremely layered characters and usually one thinks that in order to make a story relevant, it needs to be set in an urban milieu, you know the urban landscape. That I sort of disagree with.”

Sarmad concludes his interview after saying that “Characters have more universal traits; they are more prototypical or more archetypal. So, this is definitely another setting. It’s not an urban setting but these characters to me are pretty universal, the conflicts are very layered, and it’s an intense film.”


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Sarmad Khoosat discusses his upcoming project “Kamli”
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