Saudi Arabia Announces Installment Scheme for Domestic Hajj Pilgrims

Saudi Arabia establishes a payment plan for domestic Hajj pilgrims.
Domestic Hajj travellers can pay their entire pilgrimage expense in three instalments thanks to a strategy Saudi Arabia unveiled.
By 10 Shawwal 1444 AH (30 April 2023), fewer than two months before the Hajj season starts in late June of this year, the third and final instalment is due.

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On Thursday, the Ministry began accepting reservations for the Hajj online. Applying can be done on the Ministry website or the Nusuk portal for domestic

pilgrims, including expatriates living in the Kingdom. The Ministry will select domestic pilgrims through an online lottery after gaining Hajj clearance.

Four packages have been made available by Saudi Arabia for domestic Hajj pilgrims this year, with prices ranging from SR 3,984 (Rs. 240,883) to SR 11,841 (Rs. 715,940).

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