Saudi Arabia has forged a new deal with five major companies, creating 20,000 job opportunities for individuals from Pakistan.

Saudi Arabia’s commitment to providing substantial employment opportunities for Pakistani workers is evident in the unveiling of numerous job positions by five major companies. The Overseas Employment Corporation will play a crucial role in overseeing the recruitment process as per these agreements.

This collaboration spans diverse sectors, including construction, health, finance, engineering, IT, and overhead transmission, presenting a promising prospect for skilled Pakistani individuals.

With approximately 15,000 to 20,000 job positions available, this initiative significantly bolsters the employment landscape. The participating companies, namely Nisma Partner, Al-Rashid Group, Mahara Human Rahsos, Al-Bwani, and Al-Fanar are key players in Saudi Arabia’s economic sphere.

Beyond indicating a robust economic collaboration between the two nations, this strategic partnership also opens avenues for professional growth and expertise exchange.

For those eager to explore these opportunities, comprehensive information about available positions can be found on the Overseas Pakistan Corporation’s website. Overall, this initiative marks a noteworthy stride towards fostering stronger bilateral ties and addressing international employment needs.

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