Saudi Arabia’s envoy promises to invite Pakistan’s team as special guests for Hajj 2025 if they win the World Cup.

The Saudi Arabia Minister to Pakistan, Nawaf receptacle Saeed Ahmed Al Maliki, has passed his sincere wishes on to the Pakistan cricket team as they leave on their excursion in the T20 Cricket World Cup 2024. In a unique video message, Al Maliki communicated his confidence and faithful help for the group, voicing his confidence in their capability to win in the competition. He conveyed his requests for Pakistan’s thriving and improvement, stressing his expectations for the group’s progress On the planet Cup.

Moreover, Al Maliki reported that after winning the ICC T20 World Cup 2024, the Pakistani group would be regarded as illustrious visitors at Hajj the next year. This assertion implies his underwriting of the group as well as features the regarded acknowledgment they stand to get on the off chance that they arise triumphant.

As the Pakistan cricket team plans to start off their Reality Cup crusade with an initial match against the USA on June 6 in Dallas, the minister’s message fills in as a confidence promoter for both the group and their allies. It highlights the well established ties and common regard between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, rising above strategic relations to envelop sports and social trades.

With pivotal matches against India, Canada, and Ireland arranged after their opener, the group means to get a spot in the Very 8 phase, where the best two groups from each gathering will progress to contend in the West Indies. The diplomat’s help, alongside the country’s expectations and supplications, powers the group’s assurance to succeed and arise triumphant in the T20 World Cup 2024.

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