School Bullying

School Bullying and How to Prevent It


As a child studying at school is one of the most inspirational time while learning different subjects and moral values from our worthy teachers. But students had to face different challenges at the same time, which could change a student’s life into a nightmare. School bullying is one of those reasons which could make a child’s life miserable both physically and mentally. I have created two scenarios according to which a child could be bullied at school premises.

1. Bullying by Fellow Students:

Sometimes in schools, students with stronger physique try to bully other fellow students to prove their dominance. This act is strictly condemnable and should be noticed immediately. This happens mostly when parents don’t pay attention to their children while teaching them moral skills, which could include lack of noticing children time by time that how their child is treating others. This sort of neglecting behavior could lead to bigger problems like self-harm and suicide attempts by the affected children. In some cases it could happen due to less attentive behavior of teachers, which result in the aggressive nature of some students, ultimately leading them to be a bully of other fellow students.

2. Bullying by Teachers:

In some schools, teachers don’t behave appropriately while teaching and start punishing students physically and mentally, resulting in mental depression of a child. In particular cases, teachers forget that students are minor and can easily be smashed psychologically.


The above-mentioned acts in the form of bullying could be prevented easily. Students don’t share their feelings with their parents and keep silent, maybe the reason is that they feel in case of telling to their parents, they are going to suffer a lot more afterward when they will join the school again and will be considered as a coward by other fellow students, but having confidence on their parents is the best idea. Teachers need to be trained properly through anti-bullying programs to let them know that it’s not a minor issue. Everyone should stay vigilant in case of noticing any event leading to bullying and do their best to prevent it.

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