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A school teacher was intimidated by the Principle


A school principal in Faisalabad was arrested on the account of blackmailing a female teacher in his school.

We have been informed through Faisalabad news officials about a case of arrestment of a school principal as he blackmailed a female teacher in his school. Alas! This Intimidation still has its roots in the country.

The charge was levelled against the owner of the school Zafar Qadri for behaving immorally with the school teacher. The police also reported that the victim was a resident of chak No 509-GB. He has also extorted from her Rs 650,000 through intimidation.

When she was unable to suffer this all shitty stuff, she has registered a complaint against him. The police have fired an FIR against the principal and he was taken to the custody under the offense of extortion and harassment.


The investigation process has already started against the owner of the school.

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