5 Things to Do to Always Stay Happy

Science: 5 Things to Do to Always Stay Happy


Happiness is very frequently linked to material things like money, a nice job, good business, and perfect relationships.

However, true happiness can only be found inside yourself, as true joy comes from within!

To start with, you have to recognize that happiness is a mindset which creates good and positive emotions within your body.

Your thinking process boosts your happiness hormone which sparks your feelings inside. When you have the ability to strike the balance, problems and worries won’t bother you so much.

  1. Regular Exercise

The state of your mind changes when you are moving your body muscles. This is an easy and excellent way to change your hormones.

Cortisol, the stress hormone will be reduced significantly when you follow a daily exercise regime.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you have to become super fit like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is not necessary to workout for 4 hours or more a day, lift heavy weights, run 7 miles or doing tough squats.

The purpose is to become and stay healthy and not to build your triceps or create a rock hard 6 pack.

Any reasonable approach will be adequate. However, when you are moving your whole body you will be releasing more stress hormones. This will lead to create happiness hormones and you will be feeling good in the end.

  1. Having Fun

If you live your life without fun, it is high time to arrange some fun immediately!

It is important to always tend to your inner child! Thus, it is important to make time to enjoy some fun with family & friends!

  1. Smile

When you are smiling, your face muscles are stretching and you will feel relaxed. According to science smiling brings happiness.

Can’t find a reason to smile? Then you should take notice of the small things surrounding you and your mood will change.

Stretched facial muscles will also result in changing your physical state, which will lead to feeling better.

  1. Having Friends

Our friends are the most significant people in our lives. With good friends you will be able to share great moments, things that you can’t share with anyone else.

Having great friends is a blessing and they don’t need to be just childhood friends. Do some networking frequently and you may meet people thinking like you and sharing similar hobbies & interests!

  1. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature is vital and will also improve your health. According to proven science spending time in your natural environment will result in improving your mood, whilst you will be feeling happy too.

When going on holidays, make sure to surround yourself with nature which will let you feel in high spirits!

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