Scientists Create Solar-Powered Apparel with Personalized Cooling Capabilities

Scientists have created special solar-powered smart clothes that act like personal air conditioners. These clothes have a flexible solar panel and electronic parts, turning them into a system that helps your body stay comfortable in different temperatures. With the weather changing a lot, these clothes are a flexible solution. They can be added to regular clothes, making them cool or warm as needed.

These smart clothes work really well, providing a whole day of comfort with just 12 hours of sunlight. They are not just for everyday use; they can be super useful for people going to tough places, like outer space or other planets. Being able to control body temperature in extreme conditions makes these clothes important for astronauts and adventurers.

In short, these solar-powered smart clothes are a big step in wearable technology. They’re not just for daily use; they can also help people explore tough environments.

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