Scientists Harness Wood to Develop Affordable, Dependable, and Eco-Friendly Solar Cells

Researchers at Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) have done something really cool with renewable energy. They’ve created special solar cells using untreated kraft lignin from wood. This natural material helps make stable and eco-friendly solar cells.

The goal is to replace the regular solar cells with a kinder and more sustainable option that is efficient, reliable, affordable, and good for the environment.

The special thing about these solar cells is that they use wood, specifically untreated kraft lignin, making them more sustainable. This shows a commitment to being eco-friendly and suggests that these wood-based solar cells could be a great solution for different uses, especially for providing a lot of energy.

The research supports the global effort to find clean energy sources, showing that solar cells made from wood could be a key part of meeting our energy needs while being kind to the environment.

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