Scientists Invent an AI Death Calculator Capable of Anticipating the Time and Causes of Death

Meet Life2vec, a cool new computer program that can guess if someone might die early. Scientists from Denmark and the US made it, and it’s super smart, getting things right about 78% of the time. All it needs to know are four things: how much money you make, your job, where you live, and if you’ve been pregnant or had injuries before. Unlike regular death calculators, Life2vec talks to you like a friend, making it easy to use.

Life2vec is super good at what it does because it learned from a bunch of information about six million people in Denmark. It focuses on folks between 35 and 65 years old from 2008 to 2020.

In tests, Life2vec did better than other smart computer programs by 11% when predicting deaths in this age group. This means it might help find people at risk early on, so they can make changes to live healthier and avoid dying too soon.

Life2vec looks at many things to make its guesses, like your job, where you live, and if you’ve had injuries or been pregnant. This helps it give a detailed guess instead of a simple one.

The scientists who made Life2vec are hopeful it can help people make better choices about their health. If you know your personal risks, you might be more likely to make good choices and live longer. Even though it’s exciting, the scientists say they need to think carefully about how to use it and make sure it’s fair and helpful. But overall, Life2vec is a big step forward in using computers to keep people healthy!

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