Sehar Ijaz Achieves Historic Victory at New York Film Academy, Securing Gold Coast Student Excellence Award

Sehar Ijaz, a pioneering woman from Lahore, Pakistan, has achieved something amazing: she’s the first Pakistani woman to be nominated for and win the Gold Coast Student Excellence Award. This award is a big deal and shows how talented Sehar is on the global stage.

Sehar’s journey to winning this special award started with her doing well at the National Amateur Short Film Festival in Pakistan last year. She was one of the Top 15 filmmakers there.

After graduating from a women’s university where she studied media, Sehar not only did well in her studies but also spent three years helping out in different groups.

What makes Sehar stand out is how much she cares about promoting creative arts and helping with education in Baluchistan.

In her last year as the President of the Kinnaird Literacy Society, Sehar led a campaign that collected and gave away over 3,000 books to girls’ schools, colleges, and libraries in a place where it’s not easy for women to get an education. This shows that Sehar is not just a filmmaker; she’s using her skills to make a positive impact on society.

Sehar Ijaz’s historic win not only opens doors for Pakistani women to be recognized internationally but also shows how much she cares about making the world a better place through her creative work and efforts for a good cause.

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