Selected PM Must Resign Now Maryam Nawaz

Selected PM Must Resign Now: Maryam Nawaz


While addressing at Mandi Bahauddin rally Maryam Nawaz said Imran Niazi has no moral grounds to remain on the PM seat. People are with PML N. Nation is waiting for their true leader Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sahrif.

It seems only Maryam Bibi wants to see his father back in Pakistan politics. Both of his sons don’t dare to come and fight for their father. Although yesterday’s conference against the NAB judge will open many new enquiries but still we don’t see a strong connection between Shahbaz Sharif’s team and Maryam Nawaz’s stance.

She asked once again, “what was the crime of Sharif Family, people used to love Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and today thousands of people once again proved Nawaz lives in the hearts. That’s called a true leader. We are not selected we are chosen by people of Pakistan. We, cannot repay for the love, people gave us.”

One thing we should note once again; she is not ready to accept the reality that the Sharif family did wrong with any kind of financial reserves.

She also said that it takes almost 2 and half hours to reach Mandi Bahauddin from Lahore. But there was massive crowd throughout the journey and that’s why it took 10 hours to reach there. “It is also because people want to see us in power again.’’

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