The Future of Transportation

Self-Driving Cars: The Future of Transportation


While traveling on the long road when no other companion is with you to help share the driving burden, we always wish what if the car could move itself without any assistance. Well, it is almost possible now as Tesla is giving autopilot feature in its latest models. Though it’s not fully autopilot as you will have to check in after some time through placing hands on the steering but still it is a big advancement in its field. The purpose of this check-in is to make sure that the driver is not sleeping or is aware of the situation of the road.

These advanced systems use high quality and detailed maps to navigate and utilize high sensitivity motion sensors to sense if something is in its way. The features are very amazing but still, people hesitate to get benefits out of it and the reason is giving your life in the hand of an artificial intelligence based system which has no brain of its own. With time car manufacturers took this to the very high level of accuracy but still, there is a margin of error. Recently, some of the Tesla manufactured cars got into various accidents but after investigation facts came into the news and amazingly the mistakes were mostly on the part of the drivers.

The history of self-driving cars is not very old as a few years back Google took the initiative and started testing their developed systems on the road but after such long time still Google is not in the position to launch a flawless self-driving car. Another major reason for not adopting these technologies is that it is very expensive as compared to a traditional vehicle. As an example, if we consider Tesla which is an electric car, costs double than a good sedan.

If we review the automobile industry, many other manufacturers are following the footsteps of Tesla but my question is how accurate these systems could be? There is no alternative to an energetic human driver who is capable of using his brain to drive sensibly on the road.

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