ISLAMABAD: In response to a suicide bombing at a mosque in Peshawar’s Police Line, which left almost 100 people dead, the Senate has asked for the implementation of the National Action Plan (NAP) to combat terrorism.
Raza Rabbani, who took part in the discussion, strongly condemned the suicide bombing that occurred in the Peshawar mosque yesterday and said that the joint session of the parliament, which is planned to take place on February 8, should cover anti-terrorism policies.
He urged the political parties to engage in national discussion inside the legislature and reach an understanding on crucial issues.
Saifullah Abro, a senator, asked that steps be taken to prevent future incidents like the one in Peshawar. He spoke against the use of political point scoring for security-related issues.

Bahramand Khan Tangi underlined the significance of putting the National Action Plan into action in order to reduce terrorist attacks. He argued that individuals responsible for terrorist attacks must be caught and punished.

Muhammad Tahir Bizenjo called the explosion at the Peshawar Mosque “reprehensible” and suggested that the government concentrate on enhancing security and safeguarding the lives of regular people.

According to Muhammad Akram, Pakistan is dealing with terrorism as a result of bad past decisions.

The moment, according to Mushahid Hussain Sayed, has come to create a coherent anti-terrorism strategy. He stated that we must make a significant course adjustment while studying our past errors. He advocated for strengthening NACTA.
Shahadat Awan, a minister of state for law, has underlined the government’s commitment to eradicating terrorism and bringing about peace in the country.

He concluded today’s Senate debate on recent terrorist attacks in the nation by stating that the Peshawar episode has angered the entire country.

He claimed that our law enforcement forces are equipped to handle the threat. But he emphasised that in order to address it, there must be national cohesiveness and togetherness.

It is important to note that the mosque’s roof collapsed as a result of the suicide bombing, which occurred on Monday about 1:40 p.m.

Speaking on behalf of Lady Reading Hospital (LRH), Muhammad Asim stated that 169 people were hurt and almost 100 people were martyred as a result of the “suicide blast.”
A representative for LRH stated that numerous bodies have been given to their heirs

after identification.

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