Session Court Lahore cancels FIR registered against Mohsin Abbas Haider after declaring him innocent


Earlier, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife Fatima Sohail has accused him of physical violence and torture. She has also filed an FIR against him which says that the accused (Mohsin Abbas Haider) has demanded money from her. The FIR was basically about the breach of trust and money demand.

The case was submitted in the Session court Lahore. The court has asked the lawyers of the respective parties to provide their evidence and documents to prove their side of the side.

Recently, actor cum singer, Mohsin Abbas Haider has posted a video of him on his Facebook page in which he along with his lawyer have announced that he has been proved innocent by the session court Lahore.

The video revealed that after a lot of police investigation and further inquiries, Mohsin Abbas was found innocent as there were no evidences against him.

In the video, Mohsin’s lawyer was seen saying that “The incidents that the accuser has narrated are false and nothing but the lies. The investigation was high profile and it was conducted by the SSP. Moreover, ADIG monitored it personally. No money trail was found.”

Afterwards, Mohsin Abbas Haider also speaks about the decision taken in his favor. He mentioned that he was really disappointed to see how most of his fraternity members went against him without knowing the other side of the story. They have only seen a “crying woman” and they passed the judgment and verdicts about me.

He also shared why he was quiet since then. He knew that Allah is with him and He will prove him innocent. And today with the grace of Allah Almighty he is free and innocent. He remained quiet to fight his legal battle instead of going through the social media sympathies.

Here’s the video clip,

Moreover, he has also denied the ongoing rumors of his marriage with Nazish Jahangir whom his wife accused to be his girlfriend.

According to the Dunya News sources, he said that “The world will know when and if I marry again.”

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