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Have you ever visited Shahi Baithak? If yes then you will probably witness its glory and taste of the food. If not then you must visit it. The restaurant is the foodies’ paradise on earth for sure.


The first thing that captures visitor’s attention is its vast and luminous building structure portraying the essence of the past. Its exotic building carries in itself the grandeur and grace of the Mughals.

Concept of Glass Floor

You’ll surely love the glass floor that gives someone a fearful thought of stepping over it. But once you step in you’ll lose in the charm and amazement of the glass section. This is one of the very unique concepts and themes I’ve ever witnessed in Lahore’s food chains.

The dining area has been designed to serve 30 to 35 people at a time most of the time there are reservations only. The vastness and charm of the dining hall can leave everybody awestruck.shahi baithak delhi gate

A Tree full of Lanterns

After the lavishness of the glass floor and dining hall, there comes the full time laminated tree. The night view of the tree will leave you spell bound. The beauty and grace possessed by the tree are unmatchable. Lanterns hanging from the tree gives an unusual touch to the whole building.baithak restaurant lahore menu

But wait it’s not over yet! The sitting is impressive as well. While paying first look at the chairs you’ll surely think of them as marbles or something made out of marbles. However, after experiencing you’ll realize that these beautifully designed marble chairs are actually cushioned in that style to give a marble like a feel. The sitting is comfortable as well.shahi baithak breakfast menu

Use of Metal Crockery

They have not forgotten the Mughlai trend of using metal crockery that includes especially carved metal spoons and glass used for lassi. The whole staff makes you feel like a member of the royal family. Once you step in you’ll lose in the glory of the Mughlai era.

Revival of Past

The restaurant has brought the revival of the past era with their special technique of storytelling. Each day they will offer you a story that would be based on the lives of the Mughals. Moreover, you’ll be attended by a man who’ll be dressed as Mughal King. He will treat you the same royal way you were actually craving for.

Shahi Baithak Food/Menu

Shahi Baithak is the only restaurant that possesses the best of the Lahore as all the well-known food chains have set one of their chefs into the joint to make it all time as well as all flavor food chain. They are all the time struggling to give you the best of the traditional dishes.shahi baithak paye

shahi baithak barbie q

shahi baithak nashta

shahi baithak Ramzan Buffet

Ramzan Buffet

The restaurant also excels others in terms of offering the best Ramzan buffet. After Eid, you can get the best out of best through their Ala Carte menu. The restaurant produces high-quality food with fresh ingredients. The presentation is simply awesome.


It is located at the very heart of old Lahore city. Here is the complete address,

Akbari Mandi Walled City, Lahore, Punjab 54000

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