Shahid Afridi Also Requested People to Respond on PM’s Call to Show Solidarity with Kashmiris


Legendary cricketer, Shahid Khan Afridi asked the people to come out of their homes on weekly basis and show solidarity with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. It is not a one-time call we should keep protesting against the unlawful acts of Indian forces in the occupied Kashmir.

He was asking people through his official twitter account that people must join me on Mazar-e-Quaid around 12 pm Friday. Even if we stay there for 30 minutes and record our peaceful protest and demonstration then it would be great service for our depressed brothers and sisters who live in Kashmir valley.

We cannot hold up the weapons but we can raise our voices and we can bring the attention of world that Kashmir is bleeding. We can ask the world’s leaders to open up their eyes and see Kashmir is at risk. We want everyone knows the real cruel face of Indian’s so called democratic leaders.

Afridi also told that he will be vising a home of Shaheed on 6 September, 2019 and soon visiting the LoC. Remember that Britain Muslim and Boxer Amir Khan also visited the line of control to show great solidarity with the Kashmiris. We thank him as well and we than everybody who come forward and take part in this freedom movement.

Javaid Miandad, said, he will be visiting the LoC with other legends. We need our voices be heard soon. We Should bring the attention of people towards the terrible situation in Kashmir.

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