Shahid Afridi is willing to work with brand for free to serve a kind purpose

Shahid Afridi is willing to work with brand for free to serve a kind purpose


Shahid Afridi is one such personality that needs no introduction at all. He is always hailed for serving the pakistan’s cricket team for years and giving brilliant performances.

The star cricketer has never stopped impressing us with his generous moves. This time, he comes up with a very kind purpose.

We all know that people particularly the daily wagers are suffering because of lockdown that is implemented in the major cities of the country amid coronavorus fears. They are those people who are in dire need of our support.

In his recent twitter post, Shahid Afridi announced that he will work with the brands who wanted to hire him for free.

He wrote, “I have been lucky to have worked with many brands for ads and promotions.”

He went on saying, “Now working fisrt hand with the ones suffering during #COVID2019 i have a proposal to all brands. I will work with brands for free personally. I just want ration and funds in return. #DonateKaroNa.”

He conlcuded saying that,

“I dont need anything fianancially. I’m available for yo all. On social media, for TV, for any activities. I dont want money, i want rations, prepared rations that you can send to me so i make sure those in need get them.”

Shahid Afridi received a lot of acclaim and love from his fans for taking such a generous step towards the poor community.

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