Shahid Afridi reveals why chose Shaheen Afridi to marry his daughter

Shahid Afridi, the former cricket player and skipper, has finally opened out about why he decided to marry his daughter, Shaheen Shah Afridi.

The former all-rounder’s second daughter, Ansha Afridi, and the left-arm pacer sealed the wedding in a private Nikah ceremony in February of this year.

September 2023 saw the marriage ceremony and Valima celebration for Ansha and Shaheen, which took place in Karachi and Islamabad, respectively.
Afridi stated on a private TV channel that the two families have been communicating about this issue for a considerable amount of time.

“My family and Shaheen’s family had a lengthy conversation about this matter. The most crucial thing is for a human to be a human, Afridi continued. “He is an amazing person. The seniors in our family used to know one another, but we lost touch, so I didn’t know him personally.”

“So whoever was playing domestic cricket with Shaheen praised his attitude and lauded him as a human being saying that he was very mature,” the great cricket player added. Thus, I found it crucial that a human being is a human, among other things.”

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