Shahram Changezi from Pakistan emerges victorious at the 2023 Texas Open Snooker Championship.

The competition unfolded at Q Billiards Hall in Houston, drawing elite players from the USA and various nations.

In the quarter-final, Shahram secured a victory over Iraq’s Raed Shabib, followed by a semi-final triumph against Joey “USA” Torres and a final match win against India’s Ahmed Mustafa, concluding with a 3–1 scoreline to claim the prestigious Texas Open Snooker Championship 2023 title.

Not only did Shahram showcase his prowess in snooker, but he also demonstrated his skills in 9 Ball Pool, earning a commendable third-place position.

With a history of active participation in the domestic snooker circuit, Shahram Changezi has consistently represented Pakistan in numerous international events. His annual involvement in international pool competitions has propelled him to become one of the top Fargo Rated players.

Acknowledging his achievements, the Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association (PBSA) is actively promoting the sport of pool within the country, contributing to its global popularity in the sports community.

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