Shahzad Roy Mehwish Hayat

Shahzad Roy has spoken up for Mehwish Hayat and people can’t handle it


Mehwish Hayat has responded to all the trolls she was subjected to soon after she has received ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ for her excellent acting skills and her contribution to the Pakistani cinemas.

Just because she has done an item song, people are not sparing her. A handful of people have called her vulgar. Some refer to her as ‘Be Haya’ who is not deserving of the medal. Some of them commented that she has been given the medal for spreading vulgarity etc. etc.

Over this heat up the issue, Shahzad Roy was the one who has spoken up for Mehwish and posted some words for those slackers who are going nowhere in life except to criticize others.

But as we know, it’s a Pakistani awam. People are even questioning Shahzad. They started giving their viewpoints rather than paying heed to Shahzad’s words.

After this ongoing debate, Mehwish was actually blessed for Shahzad’s support.

Trolls are getting common in Pakistan. Whenever a celebrity posted something, some people emerged with their own hate agenda. This time it went too far. Mehwish is all the way right when she stated that the industry should take serious steps against bullying.

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