Shaista Lodhi Retired

Shaista Lodhi Is Retired From Morning Shows


Wait! What’s going on man? First, we have heard the news about Sanam Baloch’s whole team was fired from the morning show and now it’s Shaista Lodhi. Kya chal raha hy bhai? Well, Shaista Lodhi was the one who has started the wedding trend in the morning shows. The news spreads like a wild fire that she is not doing these shows again. She spoke well about what she really felt while hosting these shows. She explained: “I started off the trend for weddings on shows, I’m the culprit but then it all went overboard. Even in a wedding-centric show, channels can abide by certain limits but that rarely happens.”

Morning shows in the recent era have become boring and annoying because of the excessive use of the wedding material and talk about sas and bahu dramas. These morning shows were once a source of entertainment for the audience but now they have become dry. People have become tired of listening to the same stuff time and again. She further explained that: “Perhaps I’m able to say all this now because I’m no longer hosting a show. I got tired of it a long time ago but I couldn’t back out because I was a single mother at the time who had bills to pay. Now that I could leave the business, I immediately did so.”

So, after Sanam Baloch and Sanam Jung, finally, Shaista Lodhi has also retired. Now Nida Yasir is the only host left to arrange morning shows. Stay tuned for more updates.

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