Sham Idrees and wife Froggy

Sham Idrees and wife Froggy assaulted by the mob at Karachi mall


Karachi: Sham Idrees and Queen Froggy have fans all over the world. People love them so much. During their recent visit to Pakistan, the couple is a new talk of the town. The incident of them getting assaulted by the mob at a Mall in Karachi is setting the whole social media in a controversy.

In her recent YouTube video, after the incident, she has claimed that they were wounded by Saad’s fans. They were chanting his name and one of them gave a big punch at her face.

She has uploaded a video on her official YouTube channel to give the details of the haters and this violent act of Ducky’s fans. She started with these words, “I’m broken, torn, shocked and hurt, not just mentally but physically. I did not expect Saad (Ducky) and his fans and fellow YouTubers to spread such hate and negativity on social media to the point that people want to go out in public and hurt a woman.”

She went on to say that “The social media feud was going on between my husband and YouTubers, why was I the target? Because I’m his wife? So you have the right to hit me? I’m so scared to go out of my house.”

Meanwhile, Ducky Bhai has also shared his disapproval over the entire incident, he took to his YouTube channel and stated that ‘physical violence is unacceptable at all cost’ and that he ‘stands with Sham amidst the entire fiasco’.


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