Sharif Family Is Going to Cry within Next 72 Hours

Sharif Family Is Going to Cry within Next 72 Hours: Dr. Amir Liaqat


Dr. Amir Liaqat remains in the news normally with the help of delicate matters. He knows very well when to come in front. Talking on the matter of the leaked video, Amir Liaqat said, Maryam Bibi is going into serious trouble. She does not know the laws for cyber-crime. Sharif family will shed the tears and Maryam Nawaz will get no shoulder of Safdar Awan to cry at. Indeed, it’s a very strict statement.

 “Attorney General of Pakistan, told the media, if someone makes or records a video to any person without due diligence or permission then it’s a crime. It can cause a punishment of 3 years’ prison along with 1 million rupees fine.”

If the court takes action against this accusation, then the original video maker will also have to come forward. Whom this video was given? Which email has been used to receive the video? Which camera was used? All of these questions will be entertained. And evidence should be present if this case sees trial. Attorney general further said, if camera stand has been used then it should be presented. These are very serious and again the burden of proof will be on Maryam Nawaz to prove its legitimacy.

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