Shireen Mazari said that Children must know about “good touch, bad touch”


Islamabad: The current Federal Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari has attended an event regarding child abduction, abuse, and killing. The event is held to spread awareness among the masses about child abuse.

The event was organized by a school near Islamabad.

While addressing the audience, she urged the school staff to make sure that their students can freely talk to them about their problems.

She stressed that schoolteachers must encourage their students to speak up for their rights especially when they feel something wrong in touching. They must report the person who has touched them and make them feel uncomfortable.

She further mentioned that the same should be expected from the parents as well.  Parents should understand their children’s feelings and emotions at any stage.

The minister was of the view that children must know about good touch and bad touch.

Moreover, Khurram Shahzad Nawaz who is a member of the National Assembly (MNA) also appreciated Shireen Mazari for spreading child abuse awareness among the public.

He further mentioned that the government is making necessary arrangements to avoid such incidents. Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan has advised the high authority officials to launch “Mera Bacha Alert” app within two weeks.

Using this app, people can easily put their child’s details which will be conveyed to all the police stations.

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