“Shoaib Malik Recommends Shaheen for Captaincy if Babar Resignation”

Shoaib Malik, a previous Pakistani cricket player, has voiced his opinions regarding the present captain, Babar Azam. Malik has implied that Azam should consider resigning from his position as the leader of the Pakistan cricket team. Malik has raised doubts about Azam’s capacity to introduce new ideas and strategic acumen in his role as captain. He believes that relieving Azam of the captaincy could unlock his full potential as a player, ultimately benefiting the team.

Malik made it clear that this viewpoint is his personal assessment of Azam’s performance as a captain. He believes that Azam’s captaincy lacks a creative edge, and despite leading the team, he sees limited progress. Malik thinks that Azam has the potential to excel as a player for Pakistan without the added responsibility of captaincy.

Moreover, Shoaib Malik recommended Shaheen Afridi for white-ball cricket captaincy, citing his strong leadership while leading Lahore Qalandars in the Pakistan Super League.

This discussion arises after India achieved a significant seven-wicket victory over Pakistan in a recent match, successfully chasing a target of 191 runs. The ongoing scrutiny of Azam’s captaincy has intensified as former players offer their insights on the team’s dynamics and future leadership.”

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