Shyraa Roy and Mohsin Abbas Haider all set to launch their music album

Shyraa Roy and Mohsin Abbas Haider all set to launch their music album


Shyraa Roy is a UAE based singer who hs done really a great job in the world of music and a rich treat for the music lovers. While making a debut with the music scene ‘Raat’ she has done wonders into the music industry.

This year, the stunning singer ahs more to offer to all of us. Sources revealed that she has collaborated with yet ano0ther rockstar in our music industry, Mohsin Abbas Haider.

The duo is being reported to work on a series of songs that will be launching soon. The new music series will have romantic and Sufi songs together to win the hearts of the fans.

During an interview, Shyraa said,

“We rejected almost 10 compositions because we wanted something that becomes a fan favourite instantly and Kamli is exactly what will hook everyone.”

Apart from Kamli, Shyraa is working with Mohsib Abbas Haider on a song that is titled ‘Qareeb Ao’.

While sharing her work experince and meeting with the Mohsin Abbas, she said,

“Mohsin is a very dear friend of mine and we used to talk on social media. I asked if he’s interested in a collaboration and he was kind enough to say yes.”

She further added,

“And the reason i reached out to Mohsin was that he has a deep soulful voice which would go along well with the kind of music i am into. You know meaningful, deep and romantic songs.”

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