‘Sindh IG fiasco has serious consequences but PM won’t do his job,’ Bilawal


Karachi: It is no wonder that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has come complains regarding the current government and its decisions. On Wednesday, he has criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan saying that PM will never agree to IG.

Sindh IG fiasco has serious consequences but PM won’t do his job

He explained and stressed why the federal government is delaying the new Sindh IG’s appointment. He took to his twitter handle and wrote,

“Send 5 names on basis of seniority for a new IG to the federal government. PM won’t do his job & agree to an IG.”

He further added, “This is another eg of #AikNahiDo Pakistan & the joke that is #NayaPakistan. It would be funny if this did not have such serious consequences for real people’s lives.”

Moreover, he tweeted that “PM changed IG Islamabad as he didn’t obey illegal orders to take action against a poor family who’s cow had dared to stray into a ministers home. After months of deteriorating law and order, on public demand, when the elected representatives of the people of Sindh.”

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