people killed in Lahore building collapse

Six people killed in Lahore building collapse


Lahore: A tragic incident has occurred in Lahore on Saturday. At least six people were killed and five others were badly wounded having severe injuries soon after a multi-storey building in Lahore’s Bhati Chowk area has collapsed on Saturday perturbing the rest of the city. The building turned into debris in no time.

According to the rescue services, the four-storey fragile building collapsed all of a sudden with a big bang in Mohalla Aslam Khan, Bhati Chowk area of the Walled City. As a result of this sudden big bang crash, several people were trapped under the debris while six people are reported to be dead.

Those who have died unfortunately under the debris were being identified as Shehzad, Shaheen Bibi, Qasim Ali, and Farzana.

While the injured namely Khizar (40), Nauf (15), Haseeb (6), Areeb (3) and two others were retrieved from the rubble and shifted to Mayo Hospital where they have been given proper medical aid.

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