Skype Can Now Blur the Background to Hide Your Messy House


Among many marvels of the latest technological advancements, video calling is one of those handy tools giving us the freedom to talk to our loved ones virtually while sitting thousands of miles away. It also gives us the facility to have virtual sessions in the form of corporate meetings and interviews providing convenience and ease for everyone. In the field of video calling, Skype is one of the pioneers and is increasing the quality and features of its application with time. Skype is available in the form of both android and desktop application. Most of the time we face the issues related to skype conversation which could embarrass us in front of the other person on the video call.

A few months back a financial analyst was giving an interview live to a news channel through skype and his kids entered the room eventually and started playing. The whole world saw that fun moment but it wasn’t supposed to be the part of that interview. Same happens with the mothers doing their daily chores and suddenly someone calls on the Skype and the house is very messy to do a video call, well u can’t decline the call. To help with these sort of issues Skype has provided the feature to blur the background in the latest desktop application update. With a simple toggle, right-click, or even through your Skype settings, your background will be instantly and subtly blurred, leaving just you as the only focal point. The same feature was added to Microsoft Teams last year and is very convenient if you are giving an interview and your kids run all over the place in the background. The feature uses artificial intelligence that includes recognizing your hair, hands, and arms to keep you in focus. Currently, this feature is available on most desktops and laptop computers, for Skype version 8.37 and above but the company didn’t reveal if they have plans to bring the feature to the mobile version.

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