Smart Cars’ Suggested To Tackle Crimes In Karachi

Karachi: Smart cars proposed by the DIG South to control the crimes in Karachi. Crimes in Karachi are rising day by day therefore, the use of smart cars will help to cut down the crime rate.

Smart cars will work as an effective weapon in anti-crime operations. DIG South has made the proposal and gave a briefing during a review meeting chaired by Inspector General of Sindh, Ghulam Nabi Memon. The briefing was all about law, security and order situation and police measures against crime in the city’s South district.

Moreover, the DIG South explained about the  strategies and action plan of South police against crimes. He also discussed about the law and order situation, modern techniques, equipment including high powered/ high-tech cameras and search devices.

Besides, he also proposed the introduction of smart cars which may have all the facilities and high technology. High-tech includes digital communication systems, internet and body cameras and smart sensors. ‘This initiative will not only discourage criminals but will also develop a sense of security among citizens, DIG South added.

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